Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking the first steps...

Being an organized person (and having gotten lost in open and networked learning courses before!) I followed David's First Steps section. Hit my first hiccup when I realized I had to apply for membership to the course wiki so I could post my contact information (his topic content pages allow you to just browse the learning content but I want to learn to earn!) I sent off my request and quickly set up a new Blogger blog (the first one was for my testing of Stephen Downes and George Siemens' changemooc course). Of course that sidetracked me cuz I had to play with selecting a new theme, selecting a background picture that expressed something of what I like. And because I have a new computer (yeahhhh!!) I had no access to my photo editing software (waiting for Adobe to verify that I am a teacher so yes, I should be able to purchase an educational version of the Creative Suite) so I went back to my old faithful -- free, easy to use, web-based Picnik!  Unfortunately they've been swallowed by Google too but luckily for me, they're still available until the end of April.
Rather than boring you with the rest of the steps I took, the challenges of setup, selection and personalization I encountered, I'll just note that I have now completed:
Signup (added twitter and blog info on wiki - check)
Subscribe to Course Updates - slight fussiness but I think I've got it into Netvibes Just 4 fun sent a couple of tweets out with the hashtag #ioe12
Familiarize Yourself With the Challenges/Badges - (check)
Dive into Topics - listened to Lessig - already have lots of thoughts/responses but will be careful to read the rest of the links/resources before I start blathering on my blog. After all, this is probably enuf 4 now eh? (that's a canadianism in case you haven't dealt with Canadians much ;-)


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